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Stand out with FansWiFi's marketing tools for attractions. Stay connected, gather feedback, and create unforgettable experiences.

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Enhancing Visitor Experiences and Engagement

Interactive Customer Campaigns

Engage your audience with FansWiFi's captivating campaign features, driving participation and sharing.

  • Display targeted ads and promotions during WiFi login for increased attention and conversions
  • Incorporate video ads into the captive portal for engaging storytelling and brand messaging
  • Enable customers to share experiences or campaign content on social networks while also adding Liking features

Surveys and Feedback

Capture valuable insights and visitor feedback with FansWiFi's interactive system to enhance visitor experiences.

  • Gather detailed feedback on visitor experiences, favorite attractions, areas for improvement, and suggestions
  • Analyze survey responses for actionable insights to enhance future experiences
  • Conduct comparative analysis for success and improvement across time and attractions

Social Media Integration

Amplify the attraction's online presence and engage visitors through FansWiFi's integration, fostering community and expanding reach.

  • Integrate attraction's social media accounts on the Captive Portal for effortless visitor engagement
  • Encourage visitors to share experiences, increasing social media engagement organically
  • Enhance advertising campaigns by incorporating video ads during WiFi login for compelling brand messages and capture attention

Empowering Customer Engagement And Data Management

Data Analytics for Visitor Insights

Gain valuable insights about your attraction's visitors with FansWiFi's Data Analytics. Analyze visitor behavior, demographics, and preferences for future marketing strategies

  • Understand visitor patterns, such as peak visiting hours, popular attractions within the park, and visitor flow to optimize future operational efficiencies
  • Gain valuable demographic data about your visitors to target specific visitor segments
  • Analyze data on visitor attractions, activities, and engagement levels to identify popular areas and offerings to optimise future initiative campaigns

Strengthening Brand Identity

Boost your attraction's identity and simplify WiFi development with FansWiFi's White Label option. Customize the platform for a professional experience.

  • Tailor the Captive Portal and user interface to align with your brand's look and feel
  • Showcase a professional image with fully branded WiFi, emphasizing attention to detail and high-quality experiences
  • Incorporate the attraction's logo and visual elements into the WiFi solution, including the Captive Portal and user interface

Personalized Experiences with Location Tracking

Deliver personalized experiences to attract visitors using FansWiFi's location-based features. Utilize geolocation data for targeted recommendations and information.

  • Offer location-based recommendations, such as nearby attractions, dining options, and shows, to enhance visitor experiences
  • Provide real-time updates based on visitor's current location, including attraction wait times, show schedules, and special announcements
  • Help visitors navigate the attraction efficiently and discover hidden gems

Case Study

K11 Musea

We supported K11 Musea to implement their own WiFi marketing strategy, capturing users data and leveraging them to improve their business strategy.

The Outcome

Enhanced product promotion

Increased social media visibility

Expanded customer database (CRM)

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Case Study

D2 Place

D2 Place partnered with FansWiFi to gain comprehensive insights into their customer base. This includes demographic insights, purchasing behaviours, busiest hours and days, and much more.

The Outcome

Data and insights collection

Increased customer engagement and loyalty

Increased foot traffic

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Case Study

Kenzo Macau Four Seasons

FansWiFi’s collaboration with Kenzo Macau Four Seasons utilizes the East and West omni channel approach to enhance customer experiences. Allowing the store to deliver personalised offers and seamless interactions to drive sales and foster loyalty.

The Outcome

Increased customer loyalty

Developed omnichannel experience

Improved customer conversion rates

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Case Study

Emperor Cinema

Emperor Cinema employed our solution to engage with local patrons and tourists with personalized promotions upon WIfi login. Through tailored incentives, attracted more customers to revisit, enhancing customer loyalty and revenue opportunities.

The Outcome

Elevated customer loyalty

Increased repeat visits

Enhanced brand image

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