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FansWiFi revolutionizes urban experiences in Smart Cities through advanced WiFi marketing. Empower cities to create custom experiences, support local businesses, and engage residents for a connected and informed community.

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Transforming Urban Experiences with FansWiFi

Engaging Customer Experiences

Drive meaningful interactions with FansWiFi's engaging campaign features, delivering targeted ads and surveys for enhanced customer experiences

  • Promote products, services, and events directly to customers through campaign ads to increase awareness and drive conversions
  • Deliver personalized event offers and discounts through targeted campaigns
  • Measure and analyze campaign performance using FansWiFi's analytics tools

Community Engagement through Cross-Marketing

Strengthen community engagement and foster partnerships with local events and NGOs through FansWiFi's cross-marketing capabilities

  • Collaborate with local events and NGOs to promote their initiatives, fostering community-driven initiatives and social responsibility
  • Establish partnerships with community-focused businesses and organizations to cross-promote
  • Showcase NGO causes and provide information about volunteering and donations

Seamless Onboarding and User-Friendly Experience

Provide a seamless onboarding process and enhance the overall user experience with FansWiFi's intuitive features

  • Simplify WiFi login with a user-friendly interface, enabling quick and effortless connection for customers
  • Provide hassle-free login options via social media accounts, eliminating the need for additional credentials
  • Personalized experience from the moment customers connect to the network

Unlocking Network Potential

Centralized Access Control for Network Management

Gain control over network access with FansWiFi's Centralized Access Control System. Simplify management, enhance security, and optimize user experiences

  • Monitor and manage campaigns, and content across all branches with ease using FansWiFi
  • Identify and address weaker branches effortlessly while analyzing opportunities for improvement
  • Implement Role-Based Access Control to assign different levels of network access and privileges based on user roles or departments

Advanced Security and Privacy Features

Ensure the security and privacy of the WiFi network and user data with FansWiFi's advanced features, creating a trusted and secure environment for users

  • Comply with data privacy regulations by implementing privacy features such as anonymization of user data
  • Enhance user authentication with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security against unauthorized access
  • Secure wireless communications and protect user data from interception by employing data encryption protocols

Integration with CRM Systems

Integrate FansWiFi with CRM system for personalized customer interactions and streamlined data management to unlock valuable insights

  • Capture and consolidate customer data from WiFi interactions into the CRM system
  • Create loyalty programs for WiFi users based on CRM data to foster engagement
  • Enhance customer engagement and drive growth with personalized interactions using data analytics

Case Study

K11 Musea

We supported K11 Musea to implement their own WiFi marketing strategy, capturing users data and leveraging them to improve their business strategy.

The Outcome

Enhanced product promotion

Increased social media visibility

Expanded customer database (CRM)

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Case Study

D2 Place

D2 Place partnered with FansWiFi to gain comprehensive insights into their customer base. This includes demographic insights, purchasing behaviours, busiest hours and days, and much more.

The Outcome

Data and insights collection

Increased customer engagement and loyalty

Increased foot traffic

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Case Study

Kenzo Macau Four Seasons

FansWiFi’s collaboration with Kenzo Macau Four Seasons utilizes the East and West omni channel approach to enhance customer experiences. Allowing the store to deliver personalised offers and seamless interactions to drive sales and foster loyalty.

The Outcome

Increased customer loyalty

Developed omnichannel experience

Improved customer conversion rates

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Case Study

Emperor Cinema

Emperor Cinema employed our solution to engage with local patrons and tourists with personalized promotions upon WIfi login. Through tailored incentives, attracted more customers to revisit, enhancing customer loyalty and revenue opportunities.

The Outcome

Elevated customer loyalty

Increased repeat visits

Enhanced brand image

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