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Captive Portals

Captive Portals engage users before WiFi access, offering valuable interaction opportunities.

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Customize your captive portal

Use your branding when creating your custom captive portals.

  • Customize your captive portal with your branding
  • Upload your logo, cover image and custom links
  • Tailor your welcome message based on different locations

Pick your preferred login methods

Provide users with a selection of signup methods and drive them to your desire page.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter sign-ups
  • WhatsApp, WeChat, Weibo, Line sign-ups
  • Registration form, Video, Password and One-click sign-ups

Convert users before they start browsing

Drive your users to your social media page before browsing campaign page.

  • Increase your social media followers
  • Drive business results through custom promotion pages
  • Increase your visitors’ contact database

Localize content based on your Customers’ location

Run your WiFi marketing activities in different location and across different countries.

  • Run your WiFi campaigns in multiple languages
  • Automatic Translation Feature
  • Manage your captive portals across different countries

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Captive Portals

Captive Portals let you customize your customer WiFi login experience, redirecting them to your branded content.


  • Run a Variety of Ads
  • Collect Data from Various Touchpoints
  • Enhance Social Media Engagement
  • Utilize Survey and Campaign Features

Data Analytics

Gain profound insights with FansWiFi's Data Analytics, enabling precise targeting and enhancing customer experiences.


  • Behavioral Insights
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Personalized Marketing

Loyalty Program

FansWiFi's Loyalty Program fosters profitable customer relationships, benefitting your business and your target audience.


  • Point and Badge Collection
  • Real-Time Rewards
  • Effortless Management
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Repeat Business

White Label

With customized branding, color schemes, logos, and messaging, this solution strengthens brand identity and eliminates the complexity of developing a WiFi solution from scratch.


  • Brand Recognition
  • Customized Experience
  • Professional Image
  • Leverage Expertise

API Integrations

FansWiFi's smart API integrates with platforms like MailChimp, enabling real-time data access and personalized experiences.


  • Real-Time Customer Intelligence
  • Effortless Data Import
  • Automation
  • Personalized Engagement

Campaign Features

Engage your audience with a variety of campaign features offered by FansWiFi.


  • Campaign Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Surveys

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